I don’t need to tell you the frustration of barnacle and sea life build up on your pride and joy. For me, the final straw was a planned trip with five friends on a glorious summer day that turned into a 6-week wait for the mechanic to remove and repair my sterndrive that was chock full of sea life.

A hefty bill later and with the the boating season all but over, I thought there must be a better way.

After much research and many trials of materials and configurations, I came up with what I believe is the ultimate solution to protect your hull and sterndrive from these dangers in the deep!

How does it work?

Simply drive in, the same as if you were parking a car. Once in, hook onto your swing mooring or marina berth, then inflate the rear chamber.

When exiting, release the Boston Valves on the rear chamber and deflate. Once deflated, float the vessel out.

Always ensure the propeller is clear of the PVC liner when entering and exiting Barnacle Breaker.

Barnacles require food and oxygen to survive. When Barnacle Breaker is closed, your boat is protected.

The perfect wet docking solution.

It really is that easy.

The secret to its success is its simplicity of design and rugged construction.

So for a little more than a service and anti-fouling on your stern drive, your Barnacle Breaker has protected your boat and paid for itself.

Even better, it is DIY and a simple to install.

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