The important details

What is it the Barnacle Breaker made from?

  • High quality, 0.9mm thick reinforced PVC
  • An additional layer of PVC secured to the underside of the tube section for added protection
  • High performance Boston Valves for rapid inflation and deflation of the rear chamber gate
  • 5 stainless steel d-rings for installing and securing to mooring, marinas, etc


Boat Hull & Sterndive after being in a Barnacle Breaker in Saltwater.

Is it cost effective?

  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Protection of vessel in marina environments¬†
  • Reduces oxidisation
  • Reduces costly annual anti-foul & sterndrive service
  • Pay back: Approximately 2 years!



  • 3 Years* (Warranty details available upon enquiry)

Is it easy to install?

  • Suits 8 & 9 metre sterndrive and outboard vessels.
  • Simply inflate the front chamber, float your vessel in and attach to mooring or marina birth. After secured, inflate the rear chamber and you’re done.
  • Ensure approval is granted by authorities prior to installation.
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