The important details

What is it the Barnacle Breaker made from?

  • High quality,high performace hot air welded PVC (not glued).The liner is also PVC which is hot air welded to the 320mm tube.
  • Highest quality PVC lockable gates and frame.
  • EPDM Rubber gate seals.
  • 316 Stainless Steel screws and hardware.

Boat Hull & Sterndive after being in a Barnacle Breaker in Saltwater.

Is it cost effective?

Barnacle Breaker

  • Cost: $6,500 + GST Installed Sydney.

Boat Service

Hull Antifoul & Sterndrive service $2000- $2500.per annum.


  • 12 months replacement. For further warranty information please contact our office.

Is it easy to install?

  • Suits up to 8 metre vessels.
  • Full instructions are included. If you have some basic hand tool (screwdriver / hammer) and small power tool experience (drill / driver), it will be a breeze.
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